Raffia On Flap Bag SALOTTO

€ 33٫05
حقائب بوهو وهبي شيك

حقائب بوهو وهبي شيك

Salotto, the best collection of Boho Chic, Gypsy & Hippie Chic Bags.

Salotto bets on a collection of sustainable Boho Chic Bags, with designs that emanate positivity and energy, handcrafted. Choose your ideal Boho Bag at SALOTTO! You have them Banjara type brought from India and the Wayuu, made in a traditional way. Hippie bags, tribal and ethnic style, handmade Moroccan leather bags, bohemian leather bags, with fringes, feathers and flats, Metallic clutch, Macramé and Crochet bags, Bamboo bags, Rattan bags, Portuguese Junco Baskets and bags, carrycot and baskets of Natural Fibers of Palm and Raffia, Jute or Seagrass ... Unique designs for unique people like you, choose your favorite now! Our designs continue in the Boho, Gypsy & Hippie Chic lifestyle designed for unique, free-spirited, different and special women.

At Salotto we love Bohemian Chic and we believe in crafts, tradition, freedom, difference and fair trade. Salotto is the secret handbag store for famous Boho, Gypsy & Hippie Chic lifestyle lovers